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That Khelingo love – DiepCity

30 August 2021
It has to be DiepCity’s most unlikely romance but also the city’s most loved couple – Khelina and Ringo.
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What is not to love about Khelina and Ringo’s romance, or #Khelingo as they are affectionately known.

He buys her sugar and bottles of her favourite drinks, she buys him shoes and teaches him all kinds of tips and tricks, sometimes more publicly than Ringo would like.

Recently, Ringo showed that he just can’t live without Khelina when he went against his beliefs and went to Pastor Charles to ask for some holy oil to bring Khelina’s love and attention back to him. It seemed to have worked because the trouble that seemed to be brewing in their paradise is forgotten and there is talk of a baby Khelingo on the way.

At least, Ringo thinks he is about to be a father. He has even given up alcohol, something no one could have ever imagined Ringo doing and is on the straight and narrow to raise his little Springbok.

For Khelina on the other hand, it is business as usual, she doen’t seem to have noticed that she will be carrying Ringo’s little Springbok.

Whether our favourite couple in the city will be parents soon or not, we love to see some Khelingo romance on our screens anyday! Don’t miss them every Monday to Friday at 20:30.