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QUIZ: Which Wrong Turn are you? – DiepCity

14 April 2021
If you were part of the Diepsloot’s hottest crew would you be Nox, Asanda, Sne or Lerato? Take our quiz to find out.
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1. If you were to start a business with friends, what would your role be?

A. Chief Financial Officer

B. Chief Executive Officer

C. Chief Marketing Officer

4. Chief Operations Officer


2. When you get an idea you want to pursue, what do you do?

A. I take time to think it through and how it can align with my values

B. I get started on it ASAP and tell my friends so we can all benefit

C. Look, first it has to benefit me. Then I am telling everyone about it.

D. I like to work in private and in secret, that way I know I can surprise everyone when its done


3. Which best describes how you are in a romantic relationship?

A. I choose someone based on who they are and not their loks so we can build a life together

B. I am loyal and I promise to make my person happy

C. Never put all your eggs in one basket, friend!

D. I am loyal to the core, it’s hard to find a person to love you.


4. You and your friends get into trouble for something you all did, what do you do?

A. I run! I can’t do jail time.

B. I take the fall because it was probably my idea to begin with

C. If I have to face the music, there is nothing I can do

D. I suggest we decide as a group what should happen next


5. Which of these pairs of words describes you best?

A. Conscientious and meticulous

B. Innovative and energetic

C. Extroverted and stylish

D. Loyal and Hardworking


6. Your friends are fighting, what do you?

A. I hold my stance, I will not be bullied

B. I apologise

C. I call a group meeting, we can’t let a little misunderstanding ruin our friendship

D. I compromise


7. What is your greatest dream?

A. Helping others

B. Making something of myself and my family

C. The soft life

D. Building a future for my children


So which Wrong Turn are you most like?

MOSTLY A’s: Asanda

You are reliable and committed. You are driven by your values and once you make a decision, it is very difficult for anyone to change your mind.


You are the innovator and idea generator. Once you get an idea in your head, you are a force to be reckoned with until you make it come true.

MOSTLY C’s: Lerato

You are the party-starter but that doesn’t mean you don’t get anything done. You know what you want and your speciality is getting the people around you to make it happen for you.


You are loyal and hardworking. For your family, you would do anything even when times get hard. Eeryone may not agree with your methods but for you the end justifies the means.

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