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Not another Wrong Turn DiepCity

29 November 2021
Just when the Wrong Turn thought they had made a right turn and left crime behind, it calls them back again.
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It is hard to even think of the Wrong Turns as criminals. Our four favs have completely turned their lives around and are running a growing and promising business. However; Nox, Asa, Sne and Lerato have a dark past that can even be found in how they were able to renovate and move their business forward so quickly. Things have moved quickly and swiftly for the laies ever since they stumbled on R500 000 on one of their heaist jobs. 

They burgle people’s house to make money from the resale of the stolen goods. It is a life they had left behind to run their legal business, but it seems that old life is calling them back now that Bonga is in jail.

Nox now needs R50000 to be able to pay her father’s bail and save from a life behind bars that he doesn’t deserve because he didn’t do the crime. Bonga happened to witness the murder of his boss and because he’d had an altercation with the new CEO just hours before, he became the fall guy.

One thing we know about Nox is that she loves her father, Bonga even though he is not her biological father as she recently found out. That love she has for her father will drive her to do just about anything to save, even risking her life, freedom, and relationship with her mother. If Bonga knew what his daughter was up to just to save him, he would stop her.

Nox wants the ladies to do the job without Mgedeza who is eagerly waiting for them to call on him. The question is, given Mgedeza’s experience and connection in security and the police, can they pull off the job without him? Should they even try?

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