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Is this how it ends? – DiepCity

25 January 2022
We didn’t even get a chance to give them a blended name yet, but it seems already our favourite couple, Nox and Herbet are over.
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One thing about a bad and sudden break-up, it can send you into a mental tailspin complete with whiplash. That is what we are feeling now post the break-up of Nox and Herbet.

One moment our favourite couple was celebrating their beautiful love over a romantic dinner and talking about moving in together. Herbet did not want to disrespect Nox’s family by moving in with her before he had paid lobola for her. But sis was adamant that she wanted to live with the love of her life and stop lying and sneaking behind her father’s back.

Nox even went as far as introducing Herbet to her father, which we know is a complete Zulu faux pas in the Jele household.

Who thought that a love that seemed so strong could be broken by a triggering secret. Seeing lungi wearing the shoes Nox wore the day they broke into Herbet’s shop and knocked him unconscious, triggered an anger in him that we would not like to see ever again.

It made sense for Nox to confess, or he might have gone to the police. However, while she may temporarily have her freedom, she has lost a great love.

We are mourning their love too – where else will we find a true and romantic young love in DiepCity? We can only hope that Herbet misses Nox again, just like he did when he broke up with her because her ex-lover, Soja kidnapped and almost killed him.

For now, we will think of the couple name we would have given them, if we’d had more time: Noxert? Herbox? Hernox? Noxher?

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