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How to lose 80 sgodo you didnt spend DiepCity

05 May 2021
We feel for MaShenge but things may have worked out differently if she wasn’t hating on Nox.
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We are stressed for and with her: MaShenge borrowed R80 000 from multiple sources including a stokvel and a dangerous loan shark to make her dream of owning a business come true and managed to lose it all in a biscuit box within 24 hours.

Who could have seen it coming?

Well, she left the most expensive biscuit box in DiepCity on the floor as she raced to destroy her daughter, Nox’s business launch. We hate to be the ones to say it, but maybe if she wasn’t harbouring such strong feelings of hatred against her own daughter, things would have happened differently.

Now, Mrs P has sold the business to someone else and MaShenge has no way of paying back the people she owes. To make matters worse, there is a new Mashonisa in town and he seems even more dangerous than the late Baqede. Baqede was cruel enough to kidnap MaShenge's youngest daughter, Lungi to force her to pay back his money.

He had already left her for dead when Mgedeza swiftly dealt with him as a favour to Nox. However, as he now is the new Mashonisa fronting as "Cijimpi", he will definitely want his money. He has already left her many dangerous messages reminding her that her debt has not been forgotten. What do you think MaShenge should do now?

Her only hope may be to trust in the daughter she has been condemning since her release from prison. Her mother may not agree with her methods, but surely Nox with her car repair store could devise a plan to help her mother and save her life. If she can't do it with her profits from the repair shop, mgedeza is eagerly waiting to get her back in the life of robbery to make a quick buck. So either way, Nox is really MaShenge's only hope. Whether she likes to admit it or not. 

All we know is the new Mashonisa is lurking and he desparately wants his money… with interest.

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