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Free the father of the DiepCity nation

29 November 2021
No one in Mzansi wants to see Bonga behind bars, he is our favourite dad.
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One thing about Bonga, everyone in Mzansi from DiepCity to Gomora to Midrand thinks he is the best father ever.

It even came as a shock to learn that he is not Nox’s biological father given how he has raised her with love and warmth as his own daughter. He has defended Nox against her mother even going as far as leaving his marital home to shack up with a grumpy Ringo just to keep his family together.

Now, seeing him behind bars for a crime he did not commit is difficult, especially for viewers.

Everyone wants to see Bonga’s enemies punished, and our fav father released from prison and while Nox is working on the latter.

Bonga may not like the methods Nox is using to get him out of prison. He already does not anyone to call his wife and tell her that her husband is behind bars for murder. Mzansi peeps just want to see him out of prison, whatever the cost.

To see if Bonga will be presumed innocent and return home before his wife returns, stay tuned to #DiepCity every Monday to Friday at 20:30.