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FIVE signs your friend likes your bae – DiepCity

24 February 2022
Sometimes friends have similar taste so see the signs before it is too late.
  1. They never seem happy for your relationship

Sometimes your bae is just no good for you and your friends don’s like them because they know you can do better. But other times, jealousy and coveting is at play when a friend just can’t celebrate your new or existing romantic relationship.

  1. They are too concerned about your bae

When your bae is around, it is your friend doing all the checking in on them. Is your friend always asking if your bae has had something to eat, if they are confrotable in that chair or perhaps if they need a new shirt after spilling a drink on the one they are wearing? If you find yourself asking “How is my bae’s well-being your business, friend” then maybe your friend has a crush on your boo.

  1. They never want to hang out with you if your boo will be around

Granted, no one likes to be a third wheel but every now and then we have to spend some time with a couple if it will make our friend happy and to get to know the new person in their life. So why can’t your friend watch you being happy in love?

  1. They look at your bae with wanting eyes

You think your bae is mad hot and you want to jump their bones in that outfit, but your friend shouldn’t.

  1. They just can’t celebrate your relationship milestones

Your bae proposed and your friend has been sour since. You and bae bought a new house or moved in together and your friend is avoiding your place like you are breeding cockroaches. Maybe it is time to accept that your friend is big mad because they have a crush on your bae.

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