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Candles for Sne to write her matric – DiepCity

14 September 2021
We were so excited when Sne decided to re-write her matric, but it seems our excitement is short-lived.
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We have all been there before: You make a decision to improve your life or attempt to achieve something and then the naysayers jump on your bandwagon.

Maybe, the voices are internal and the naysayer is yourself saying you just can’t do that. Sometimes, it is our friends, siblings, lovers, parents and any loved ones who just don’t believe in us or themselves really.

That is the case with Sne. She knows she is the successful owner of two thriving businesses – the shisanyama and the workshop. However, somehow Sne has been convinced by her brother and the late Fistos that she has no business attempting her matric.

Life has not been easy for our Wrong Turn. By her own admission, she dropped out of school when her grandmother who raised her passed away, not because she couldn’t finish school. Themba, her brother, says it is because she was slow and told the teacher that a bee is a wild fly.

But is Themba’s lack of belief in Sne really just projection of a lack of belief in himself? Ho can he deny his sister’s brains and smarts when he works in her workshop and before that was not up to much?

Fistos also continues to torment Sne from the grave ever since she accidently killed him. Maybe, it the price she pays for ending his life.

It can be hard to believe in yourself when no one else does, but we hope Sne can pull herself up by her friends’ belief in her and still make that attempt at her matric. The Wrong Turns believe she can do it and so do we!

To see if Sne gives herself one last shot at matric, tune into #DiepCity every Monday to Friday at 20:30.