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Biggie Biggie Biggie, can’t you see – DiepCity

04 January 2022
Ringo’s prodigal son is causing big problems for his KheliRingo romance.

Remember when Ringo and Khelina were dressed in their vacation best ready for their baecation and Bonga warned them about looming January. Well, who knew that the January he warned them about would turn out to be Big Boy, Ringo long lost [or forgotten] son.

Since Big Boy came onto the DiepCity scene he has given us laughs and his father headaches. The kicker is that Big Boy is truly his fathe’s son, in looks and in action. He is just as boisterous, cheeky and a little goofy. So naturally, he is also the one person who knows how to press his father’s buttons and keep him hostage in his own house.

While Ringo would like nothing more than for “Biggie Biggie Biggie” to go back home to his mother, the rest of DiepCity, including Khelina is taking a liking to the youngster.

Bonga has already designated himself the person to discipline his friend’s son, Khelina is ready to play stepmother and the kids in the DiepCity streets are feeling his style and swag.

Big Boy has also stolen the hearts of Mzansi Magic viewers who are loving how he has his father wrapped around his finger and dancing to his tune.

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