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Are Themba and Mary together? – DiepCity

29 November 2021
He loves her, he loves her not; we just can’t tell.
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We really tried to drink water and mind our business but we just couldn’t help wondering what is going on between Themba and Mary aka ThembuMary.

Just the other day in a private conversation which Mary overheard, Themba told Herbet how much he loves Mary and just wants to show her off on the streets of DiepCity. He even said he hopes she does not put him in the friendzone.

Mary saw this as an unspoken invitation to set up a romantic dinner for her and Themba with matching t-shirts printed “ThembuMary”. Themba was not having any of it, from the food to the regalia and eventually told her to leave him alone, leaving Mary very confused.

We are also confused because this is not the first time Themba has been hot and cold with Mary. He often hits on Lerato in front of her and tells people how she is not on his level. The more we think about it, the more it is giving us “toxic relationship” vibes.

What do you think? Is there a future for ThembuMary or should Mary cut her losses and maybe try her luck with another Zulu warrior like the one who left Themba seething with jealousy the last time she moved on.

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