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Disruption unfolds for season 4 of Big Brother Mzansi – S’ya Mosha!

07 December 2023
We are messing with perceptions.
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Fasten your seat belts, get your crazy on and brace yourself because you are about to go on a ride you were never ready for. On Sunday, 21 January 2024, Big Brother Mzansi season 4 is coming to Mzansi Magic, channel 161, and this time … S’ya Mosha!

This season is all about disruption, challenging perceptions and boldly breaking free from the norm. From the unexpected bright visual treatments that are exhilarating, to the most unpredictable group of housemates yet, the Big Brother Mzansi S4 looks set to be a feast for your senses.

Shirley Adonisi, director of local entertainment channels, said: "Big Brother S’ya Mosha is a disruption of the norm. It means setting a new bar, being the most memorable season for disrupting and breaking away from what is expected. Viewers are familiar with what Big Brother is all about and they know what to expect every season, or so they think. With this season, we are messing with those perceptions and blowing their expectations out of the water.”

The charismatic Lawrence Maleka is once again, this season’s show host. With his wit and charm, Lawrence will create a memorable viewing experience for Mzansi viewers. He has always managed to put the housemates at ease so they can freely express themselves, and this season, the stakes are even higher with more than a  few surprises up Biggie’s sleeve.

''You may think you know how Big Brother operates, but season 4 has more than just a few twists and turns that will keep viewers guessing,” says Big Brother Mzansi executive producer Natalie Bleksley of Red Pepper Productions. She adds: “The format is also being enhanced by adding new game mechanics ... nothing is predictable, and Biggie is here to shake things up, building on the elements that viewers love i.e. Saturday Night Parties, Friday Night Games.”  

With this being the season of disruption, the housemates – a dynamic mix of fun, crazy and bold characters from diverse backgrounds – are sure going to make an interesting cast that’s set to do their best to outwit each other to win the hearts of the audience and ultimately the grand prize.

LottoStar is once again the headline sponsor for this season and they too are looking forward to helping make the dreams of these aspirational housemates come true.

“The LottoStar brand is all about making people’s dreams come true,” says LottoStar head of marketing, Maria Pavli. “We’re proud to stand behind a production that brings a nation together, keeps us in suspense and creates great reality entertainment.”

Whilst  this  season promises a whole lot more, who can forget that Big Brother Mzansi S3 brought out the likes of season winner Mpho Wabadimo, Themba Brolly, who went on to have his own reality show on Mzansi Magic, Themba: My Inked World; socialite Sis Tamara who is still known for his impressive dance moves, Libo, who has been strutting his stuff for some of SA’s top designers, and many more who are still making waves in their respective communities.

Ubani ozomosha kumosheke (Who is going to cause chaos?) this season? Tune in to catch all the drama and disruption 24/7 on channel 198 and on Mzansi Magic available on DStv Compact.

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