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Day 67: Finale anxiety grips the Top 6 – BBMzansi

28 March 2024
The Top 6 are anxious about Sunday but they've got a wager to conquer first.
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This Thursday morning, the housemates had conversations about the finale happening on Sunday. In the heartfelt chat, the faves expressed their joy and anxiety about the impending event. They also spent the better part of their morning preparing for their final wager.

It was all cool vibes in Biggie's house in the morning as the Top 6 bonded over their shared excitement and nerves for the upcoming final. McJunior told Zee that he was still not coming to terms with the fact that the season was coming to an end and housemates would have to walk out through Biggie's door with excitement on their faces. Makhekhe also spoke to Mpumi about being anxious amid expectations of something big happening on Sunday.

It is normal for them to feel jitters about Sunday, as it marks the culmination of their journey in Biggie's house, as well as the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. The anticipation and restlessness only add to the thrill of what is to come on the final day.

Makhekhe and Mpumi speak about finale

Goodbye personal trainer

The housemates were emotional about seeing their trainer for the last time. They spoke about how infectious his smile has been and how it brightens up their day whenever they go to the gym. Sinaye was, however, taken aback by Makhekhe and Mpumi calling the trainer by his name as he is believed to be older than they are. Overall, the housemates expressed gratitude for the trainer's guidance and support throughout their time in the house.

Wager preparations

Despite this week's wager being the final wager for the season, the Top 6 are very much interested in hitting the ball out of the park. The housemates, who will be honouring their evicted colleagues today, took time out this morning to practice their lines for the skits they have put together to prepare for tonight's presentation. McJunior shared a few tips with Zee about how to make her presentation before focusing on Makhekhe and helping him with his lines. Mpumi and Makhekhe also had a separate session to fine-tune their performance and ensure they are fully prepared for the evening's event. The Top 6 are determined to give their best effort in honouring their fellow housemates.

Overall, it's a mood of camaraderie and support as the housemates come together to celebrate their time in the house and bid farewell to those who have left.

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