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Day 59: Love and light with a sprinkle of drama – BBMzansi

20 March 2024
There is an air of calm in the house but for how long will it last?
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Tasty Braai, good music and great company make for a memorable evening in the S'ya Mosha house. With meat sizzling on the grill and Captain Morgan flowing through the system, the housemates danced and enjoyed cheerful conversations and games that created camaraderie among the Top 7.

The housemates had a cheerful evening thanks to Captain Morgan's treat, and it brought a spirit of camaraderie never seen before amongst all the housemates. Apart from dancing and eating, the housemates had conversations amongst themselves, which shows that they are coming to terms with each other's differences and building stronger bonds.


PapaGhost and Sinaye make up

PapaGhost spoke with Sinaye about leadership and working with his fellow housemates. "You need to know how to work with people and manage your emotions," he said about his fight with Makhekhe. The conversation which also served as a way for PapaGhost and Sinaye to sort out their differences ended with a hug and a promise to chat more later.

McJunior and Willy's braai chat

McJunior and Willy were the braai masters of the day, and they spoke at length as they made tasty meat for their fellow housemates. They both shared the same sentiments about remaining in the house beyond Sunday, and honestly, we can't blame them because it's the penultimate week and it is only fair to want to stay until the end. Makhekhe complimented McJunior's braai skills while throwing light jabs at Willy.

Speaking of Makhekhe, he had a light banter with PapaGhost this evening regarding the Head of House challenge. While playing a game of cards, PapaGhost narrated to the rest of the housemates that he had always watched them during their gym sessions to assess their abilities, and this helped him win the Head of House challenge.

Makhekhe was not having it. He complained that simply watching the housemates during gym does not give PapaGhost any advantage over them. PapaGhost argued that he was not trying to belittle anyone's efforts but rather just sharing his strategy for winning the challenge. "You are bitter, get over it," PapaGhost told Makhekhe as he described him as a sore loser.

Makhekhe and PapaGhost's fight


Their fight might stem from past hurt that has not healed, that's why the two can't see eye to eye on the matter. "I can overtake you, and win the money," Makhekhe said multiple times as he tried to make his point. While McJunior and Willy observed the situation from a distance, Mpumi, Sinaye and Zee at different points tried their best to calm the two down for peace to reign.

Peace has been restored, and we would love to see the Top 7 have the time of their lives, seeing as being in Biggie's house is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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