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Day 54: Unique personalities and iconic performers – BBMzansi

15 March 2024
Mzansi has seen an array of iconic performers over the years, and Biggie's house is host to some of them. 
Collage of black people

Performance is a multidisciplinary artform that encompasses a variety of expressions. From acting, singing, dance, and comedy, these artforms unite audiences under the purpose of entertaining. Mzansi has seen an array of iconic performers over the years, and Biggie's house is host to some of them. 

The Thembi Seete in Liema 

“You’ve got to cease the needs that disease with ease

And let's get busy yoh with my gift,” sang the legendary Boom Shaka hitmaker, Thembi Seete. Seete, who was one quarter of the iconic Mzansi music group, is an iconic figure in SA entertainment. Boasting talents that vary from singing, dancing, and acting, Seete has managed to keep booked and busy, starring on Gomora, and more recently, Adulting S2. One cannot talk about the living legend and not make mention of her timeless beauty, an attribute that Liema holds in common with her. 

Liema came into the house as a singer, whose sweet melodies have brought harmony to Biggie’s house. Liema has recently unlocked a new artform that she is to be celebrated for, and that is how natural she is as an actor. Her dance moves are also something the social streets appreciate about the top 10 housemate. With the moves she pulls at the Saturday Night Party, the triple threat Liema certainly embodies a modern day Thembi Seete.  

The David Kau in Makhekhe 

Comedy is not something that one merely does, it is who you are, and David Kau is testament to that. The natural born comedian wormed his way into the nations’ heart for his ability to turn any story into a laughing affair, and doing so effortlessly, with no gimmicks or tricks. Kau’s authenticity took him all over the world and made him one of the best to do it in the land. His authenticity can easily be likened to that of Makhekhe. Unless he is in a serious disagreement, there is no conversation that Makhekhe is involved in that does not result in his counterpart LOLing. One would have expected that his unpolished diction may have deterred him from making connections and perhaps affected his confidence, but Makhekhe has managed to use it to his advantage. His carefree attitude to correction makes for comedic relief in any situation, and nothing beats his smirk when he knows that he has butchered George’s language. H e holds an ability to laugh at himself, making any situation light, a quality that makes comedians artists worth celebrating.  

The Phat Joe in McJunior

South African media personality Phat Joe has a brand that has been attached to a number of scandals. His "f it" energy has allowed him to share the most controversial and unpopular opinions on matters that have gotten him in trouble a few times. His tongue-and-cheek comments have made for iconic TV moments which have made him stand out as an on-screen personality. His American accent takes his icon status to the next level, this is where McJunior comes in. McJunior, aka Juju, took the big Brother universe by storm when he opened his mouth and sounded like a gent from Atlanta instead of KZN. His confrontational nature gives "I don't give a f*" which is a trait that parallels him to Phat Joe. 

The Kamo Mphela in Mpumi 

Kamo Mphela is the epitome of a South African entertainer, taking the era of Amapiano to new heights with her music and dance moves. Her star power has seen her travel the world to perform for audiences of all kinds, who unite in celebrating her talents. Mphela’s rise to fame is something to be studied, and her drive to elevate performance in SA is what makes her an icon already at just 25 years old. 012’s finest, Mpumi, is well on her way to icon status as far as the Big Brother Mzansi world is concerned. Mpumi’s stage presence during wager presentations and at parties is undeniable. The trained performer in her never sleeps, ensuring to leave a mark and make her presence felt at every turn. If her raw talent is anything to go by, the 23 year old’s star power may just elevate her to the likes of Kamo Mphela in no time. 

The Atandwa Kani in PapaGhost 

Atandwa Kani is a thespian whose prowess sets him apart from many of his peers. Having fully dedicated himself to storytelling, Atandwa’s heart for story has landed him major roles throughout his career, young T’Chaka being one of them. He has stopped at nothing to push the barrier and elevate the standard of performance and story. PapaGhost’s passion for storytelling makes him no different. The Head of House has played into his strengths throughout his stay in the house, and writing is one of them. He has written and produced many house shows, and wager presentations. His writing is a talent that has resulted in him receiving recognition from Biggie himself after a successful wager task. 

The Loyiso Bala in Sinaye 

If you're looking for a male vocalist in the house, look no further than the multi-talented Sinaye. The dyan's vocals, coupled with Liema's, serve heavenly harmonies. Although he tends to shy away from showcasing this talent, his voice can be received as a rare commodity whenever he does decide to serenade his fellow housemates. Sinaye is a lover boy at heart so it is no surprise that he his choice in music includes romantic tunes that are sure to melt any girl's heart. Something that Loyiso Bala is known for. The one third of the Bala brothers is known as the face of South African RnB and sang music that was guaranteed to woe any woman in the mid 2000s to early 2010s. 

The Cobra in Willy 

Played by Presley Chweneyagae, Cobra “Cobrizi” Mokoena is an iconic telenovela character who took SA TV by storm for six seasons straight. The character is born and bred in Pretoria, and naturally carries a vibe and swag that makes people gravitate towards him. The thing about Pitori gents is that they carry a pizzazz about them that cannot be overlooked and Willy is one housemate that carries this Pirara identity well. From his style, to the lingo he uses, Willy’s lephara status is something that takes his cool factor to the next level, and he does not even have to try. Willy is a gent for the vibes, and his charisma will forever give Cobrizi vibes. 

The Lebo Mathosa in Yolanda 

Blonde hair and an irresistible star power had people falling at Lebo Mathosa’s feet. “For better or worse/ I will love music,” sang Mathosa and that love for music is another trait that makes Yolanda the house’s version of Lebo Mathosa. Yolanda’s love for music has put her in trouble with the housemates many times, and with her recent gag order, music has also freed her. Lebo Mathosa’s signature blond hair has become the benchmark for any black woman who sports short hair, and Yolanda’s blond fade coupled with her strong personality give her a cunning resemblance to the late icon. 

The Uncle Vinny in Young Pappi 

Throw your left arm up. Throw your right arm up. Now wiggle your body like an air dancer. That is how Uncle Vinny became an internet sensation. His iconic dance move made its way on a number of music videos, and festival stages. The dance move, however, is not as easy as it may sound. You need to have the "it factor" about you to pull it off or you risk looking the fool. Young Pappi, himself, has a signature move that unites the house whenever he breaks out in dance. The tutorial is as follows: point, point, point. Another routine that sounds easy but can truly only be pulled off by the coolest of people and Young Pappi is one of them. 

The Qondi in Zee

Throwback to the iconic Mzansi Magic telenovela Isibaya when we met a beauty that drove the village men crazy. Her name was Qondi. Played by Jessica Nkosi, Qondi was a woman who did not battle for the attention of men of all demographics. From a taxi driver to a chief, Qondi's beauty was regal, and her aura royal, traits that can be attributed to Zee. She has spoken openly about the men that fall at her feet, and the suitors that afford her access to the finer things in life. The certified soft girl's proximity to money elevates her it-girl status, an identity that was attached to Qondi after her nuptials to the chief. 

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