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Day 45: For the love of sweet pranks – BBMzansi

06 March 2024
PapaGhost and Yolanda play cat and mouse with sugar and a snake.
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PapaGhost and Yolanda have one thing in common, their disdain for each other. If the two are not bickering about a hot iron, noise, food, or dishes, they are going off at each other about the other's overall hygiene. More often than not it is PapaGhost who attempts to keep Yolanda accountable for chores, a reminder she does not care to receive from him. 

The two can barely put their differences aside, but would rather elevate their continuous beef through a string of pranks. PapaGhost was seen pouring what looked liek salt all over Yolanda's bed, an act that she inevitably discovered. Yolanda's retaliation was as peaceful as can be. Instead of conducting a confrontational investigation looking into the sudden grains of salt in her bed, Yolanda calmly dusted the apparant salt off her mattress onto the floor by PapaGhost's bed. Yolanda's retaliation did not stop there. She scooped up some sugar from the kitchen and sprinkled it all over his bed. The gag here is she avenged herself in plain sight while PapaGhost watched appalled. 

The passionate beef took a sweet turn when they shifted the gear from a verbal back-and-forth to a snaky one (pun intended). They adopted the rubber snake to carry out their spitting duties on their behalves when PapaGhost enlisted Sinaye's help to place the snake under Yolanda's pillow. She quickly discovered the snake under her pillow when she returned from her shower and swiftly transferred it to his pillow, but Lerato Modise caught her red-handed. 

Playfulness consumed the house with the fake snakes being used to scare every unsuspecting housemate at every turn. Biggie's toys became the fourteenth and fifteenth housemates when one considers the influence they held on the trajectory of the housemates' evening. From the shower to the bedroom, and the kitchen, the snakes were an undeniable feature of the night. 

While the rest of the housemates were being tormented by pranks, Lerato Modise and Liema took time out to reflect on their relationships in the house. The ladies bonded over the common advice they received from their parents prior to their entry into the house, that being to leave boys alone. The girls cackled at their failure to heed that advice and doing the exact opposite. Although they have a shared experience of companionship in the house, their intentions for those companions are not the same. Lerato Modise made it clear that she has no plans of losing PapaGhost while Liema intends on going ghost on Jareed and the rest of the housemates. 

Watch Lerato Modise and Liema's girl talk here: 


The housemates put their fear for snakes to the side and gathered to rehearse for their wager presentation themed Face your fears. Considering the number of tested relationships in the house, it was refreshing to see the S'ya Mosha housemates united in their creative vision for a successful wager, PapaGhost and McJunior included. 

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