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Day 34: Partying the lonely away – BBMzansi

24 February 2024
A bout of loneliness preceded hardcore partying for the Jareedites.
Young people sleeping and partying

Ngwanyana wa 012, Mpumi, is best known for the vibes she carries and her carefree spirit, but what the housemates may not know about her is that she sheds tears often. Mpumi had a moment of reflection earlier today which drove her to session of tears after Jareed encouraged her to submit to the sadness that consumed her. Jareed hopped onto bed and gave her his hand, an intimate moment that released the flow of tears amid his words of motivation. She was emotional for several reasons: 

A lonely cry 

Mpumi has felt that she has no real confidant in the house since Pale's eviction last Sunday night. She found pleasure in the moments of reflection and dmc's (deep meaningful conversations) she had with her bed neighbour at the end of each day. That since came to a sudden stop, and while she may engage Chuenzaaa in conversations often, she does not feel that she can talk to them about any and everything, leaving a void in the house for her. 

A yearning cry

Her lack in a confidant in the house drove her to missing the ability to make a call to someone who always gave her the best advice; her grandmother. Her passing has been a tough adjustment for Mpumi because she was someone who was always available to her. The eviction of her sole confidant in the house has proven a trigger through the abrupt inaccessibility to a sound board. Mpumi reflected on the advice her grandmother shared with her: never let yourself be outshined by anyone. These words have since become a mantra for her to live by, and the events in Biggie's house are proof that she has embodied those words. When it comes to hyping, dancing, and making out, Mpumi makes it her aim to standout. 

Liema may not have been close enough to be a shoulder for Mpumi to cry on, but she was an ear that listened with empathy, relating to the grief that follows losing a grandmother. 

A cry to recharge 

A good cry serves as a source of strength for Mpumi, allowing her to release and recharge. Her boo, Jareed, also opened up about his moments of emotional release while relieving himself in the bathroom 💩. The season's ladies' man often feels that playing the game tends to make him feel that he behaves out of character. He has been battling an intrapersonal conflict that is forcing him to choose between two polarities: preserving who he is vs submitting to character development and change. 

The throuple's vulnerability session allowed them to woosah in time for the groove of a lifetime at the Saturday Night Party. Jareed's wives were the life of the party tonight, a scene that was a myth this time last week. 

If anything is to go by, the polygamous turned polyamorous relationship is proof that a couple that cries together stays together. 

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