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Day 31: LeGhost's secret and not-so-secret agents – BBMzansi

21 February 2024
PapaGhost went on an immediate recruitment drive.
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PapaGhost's re-entry energy into the house was different to Lerato Modise's bubby vibe as she hugged some housemates with enthusiasm. He was standing on disruption business as he blew bubbles and stood like a 007 agent. Little did we know that agent recruitment was the assignment and he got down to business with Lerato Modise's assistance. 

"Zee, PapaGhost is calling you," Lerato Modise said. Zee met with PapaGhost in the bedroom and they had a chat about an opportunity to be his agent. Zee sought out clarity about the kind of news she had to report to them, and they clarified in conversations and sealed the deal. Next on the list was Mich who was also called by Lerato Modise into his office aka the bedroom. Mich also consented to becoming an agent and asked if PapaGhost would be clarifying what people said about him, and he said no. 

Watch Makhekhe argue with Chuenzaaa: 

Talking about clarification, Makhekhe wanted Chuenzaaa to make him understand what he meant by calling him a doormat. The blowout might have been more detrimental for Makhekhe than he thought, according to Willy. Willy made him realise that no one would trust him going forward because the assumption is that he will run and go tell LeGhost what others say and do. Makhekhe's fake nomination made him feel like people already didn't trust him, so Willy's theory did not bother him. 

Mpumi told Makhekhe that he was a traitor as they worked on their task on the living room table. Mpumi said she did not want to say anything because he would run and tell LeGhost. 

Yolanda spent some time with Lerato Modise and PapaGhost in the garden as they grilled a piece of steak for themselves. She shared some updates about what has been happening in the house. 

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