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Day 30: How many kisses, Els? – BBMzansi

20 February 2024
Her week elevated when all the kisses that were had in the dark came to light.
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The self proclaimed "shy" Els has had anything but a shy time in Biggie's house, creating a reputation for being a man-snatcher. While it's not a brand that sits well with her, Els has done very little to debunk those rumours, but has instead fuelled them more over the last couple of days. So much so that she cannot remember the number of time she and Jareed have kissed. Els took Meelay on a trip down her kissy lane, and this is the journey she embarked on: 

The idc kiss 

Day 12 saw Els make her real entry in the game when she stepped up to Jareed in his time of marital rebellion against Liema. The then couple had had their usual tiffs that presented an opportunity for Els to pounce. Jareed had expressed not to care about Liema's feelings at that time, and Els gave him a shot to prove it. 

Watch Els's first kiss with Jareed here: 

That kiss was the first of many that were had both in the open and in secret. Big Brother put on the most romantic week and it had its fair share of mess and entanglements. While the ladies sat down and enjoyed a little winding and grinding from the gents, others were treated to a little more than that and among them was, you guessed it, Els. She seized her moment to set up her Valentine's day with a kiss from the season's diamond, Jareed. The kiss may not have gagged anyone more than any other, but our oblivion was blissfully innocent. 

Her week elevated when all the kisses that were had in the dark came to light. The occassions: a bathroom randezvous and a party "fight." Both these... exchanges 💋were caught by none other than the chief wife, Liema, who heard them kiss through the walls of the bathroom stall. The secret lovers had a romantic spat mid make-out because Els expressed a desire to be kissed in public when Jareed desired the secracy. Jareed may have kissed silence into Els then, but that silence was short-lived and the powers of his kiss were weak when Els confronted him on the matter of their secracy during the Saturday Night Party, a confrontation that Liema walked into. 

Watch Els and Jareed deny their kiss here:

There may be a total of five shared kisses between the two, but the numbers are shaky to Els. While she holds uncertainty to the accurate figure of accumulated kisses, Els is almost certain that such knowledge would send Liema swinging. 

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