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Day 28: Meelay comes out to play – BBMzansi

18 February 2024
It seems Meenaye has entered the fans' eyes.
Girl and boy dancing in a maid and butler outfit

It may seem as though Meelay decided that last night's party was going to go down in history as her best one yet. If that was the case, then she clearly understood the assignment.

She came alive on the dance floor and was even spotted dancing with a couple of housemates, having the time of her life. PapaGhost was surprised by her bold dance moves when they were dancing, but still appreciated them. Sinaye was another housemate who was spoiled with some Meelay attention during the party.

The pair have made the most out of love week and spent a lot of time getting to know each other when they were not preparing for the wager. Meelay was even spotted stating that she has grown fond of Sinaye. Their closeness throughout the week was clear on the dance floor. Could their closeness be a sign of something more happening between the two of them? 👀When they were not dancing together, they were chatting up a storm with the contents of their conversation remaining unknown. 

Meelay told Biggie recently that she felt like she was not coming out of her shell. She broke free from her shell and let her dancing spirit shine through last night. 🕺

When Sinaye left her to keep his homegirl Liema company, Meelay continued to dance with Taki. After the party, she had fun teasing PapaGhost who kept saying "Meelay knows exactly how I think about her".

She took it up a notch and spontaneosuly joined the tease squad that went hunting for male housemates. First on their list was Sinaye, followed by Makhekhe who could not help but laugh. Jareed was next, but being the centre of attention was not news to him, so that tease never materialised.

Instead, Jareed packed chairs to replicate their Valentine's Day sitting arrangement. 

As Liema sat and watched while Jareed received attention from Els and Mpumi, Meelay also joined the party to become the third, fourth or fifth wheel. 👀 This happened moments before the male housemates were entertained to a show like no other.

Another epic Saturday night party in the bag. 🔥 

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