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Day 20: Liema and Lerato Modise; the captains of their ships – BBMzansi

10 February 2024
Yolanda apparently wants PapaGhost and Mpumi was seducing Jareed.

The morning started in a slow mode as Yolanda took the kitchen bull by its horns. As she started cleaning up, PapaGhost shortly joined her and the two silently went about their cleaning. PapaGhost left the kitchen momentarily, and soon came back and continued with his share of the chores. Lerato Modise soon came into the kitchen, walking towards the diary room to fetch her medication. 

She was welcomed with a warm hug and request for a kiss from PapaGhost which was well reciprocated. She has stood firm on the knowledge that PapaGhost is not interested in Yolanda. She shared this with Pale who had hoped to break it to Lerato Modise that Yolanda wants PapaGhost and has been planning to get him. 

Watch their conversation here: 

Lerato Modise stuck around for a few minutes in the kitchen and enjoyed a light meal by herself as PapaGhost and Yolanda continued cleaning. She left them to continue, and then their silence broke. They conversed over a cup that Yolanda used to have at home, and then briefly chatted about their common trait; they like listening to music while they clean. Could this be one of the things that Yolanda adds to the "reasons why PapaGhost loves me" list? 

Watch the first few reasons here:  

When everyone was up, Jareed and Mpumi found an opportunity to sit face-to-face on the couch and catch up. Their session ended when Liema came and sat on top of Jareed. At the Thursday pool party, she made sure to stay close to him as if she knew that the two were conspiring to meet. They still managed to do it, with Mpumi's lingerie twist. 

Watch their stolen kiss: 

After the first signs of mass interest in Jareed, Lerato Modise advised Liema to stand firm and never let them win. She says she is aware of Yolanda's apparent interest in PapaGhost and she continues to stand firm. Liema is aware of Mpumi and Jareed's interest in each other and she is standing firm. 

Will they continue to handle the pressure from the other side?

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