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Day 2: Biggie’s little helpers – BBMzansi

23 January 2024
The housemates have brought a mess to Biggie's house, and not the cute kind.
PapaGhost eats dinner outside in a gown

A common theme that is always a talking point in Biggie’s house is that of cleanliness. A mess is to be expected when you merge adults of different walks of life in one house, but a dirty house is not the kind of mess Biggie will be tolerating any time soon. 

With just two days in the house, HoH Mich has already called for a family meeting in the early hours of the morning. The agenda: cleanliness. The Head of House gathered the house just after midnight and delivered a message expressing Big Brother’s disdain at the state of the house, and even went as far as reminding them that they are guests in his house and shall behave as such. 

The address provided a platform for the clean freaks of the house to shine. PapaGhost made an attempt at speaking the importance of hygiene to his fellow housemates, making a point that he has no desire to see people’s underwear in the bathroom because, to put it bluntly, they stank! 

But Biggie is a man of solutions and made a hasty delivery to the housemates: Unilever Homecare Essentials. From tomorrow onwards, Wednesdays will be laundry day and all housemates are to use the Unilever products gifted to them for all their washing. Big Brother is all about a clean game, and what better way to get the house aligned than by getting weaving cleanliness into their routine. 

That solves the one issue, but leaves the matter of food wasting and untidiness in the house and according to Pale, they are failing at it dismally. She took a moment to plead for Biggie’s intervention in this regard during her diary session. The grievance is one that PapaGhost also took to the diary session because the rules they set for themselves earlier are already not being adhered to. 

While others are eating their lives away, others laze around with no apparent regard for their shared space. With just two sleeps before their wager presentation, should a house that wagered 80% be more conservative with their food until then, or is this a case of living confidently? 


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