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Day 17: A celebration of identity and diversity – BBMzansi

07 February 2024
Identity and wellbeing are closely linked, and the S'ya Mosha housemates are diverse and proud!

In the current week's focus on "health is wealth" in the S'ya Mosha house, the theme of identity takes centre stage, showcasing the diverse backgrounds and individualities of the housemates. Notably, several housemates stand out for the celebration of their true selves, inspiring others with their authenticity. Identity plays a crucial role in health and wellness as it directly impacts an individual's sense of self-worth, belonging, and overall mental well-being. When individuals feel comfortable and accepted in their own skin, they are more likely to prioritise self-care and make healthier lifestyle choices.

Chuenzaaa stands out prominently in the house as a proud member of the queer community, embodying courage and authenticity in their identity. As a representative of the LGBTQIA+ community, Chuenzaaa brings visibility to an often marginalised group, promoting acceptance and understanding within the house and beyond. Their unapologetic embrace of their queer identity serves as a source of inspiration for fans and fellow housemates alike, encouraging others to embrace their true selves without fear of judgment

Yolanda's journey in the house is marked by her unwavering pride in her identity and her inspiring story of overcoming challenges related to her vitiligo. From the moment she entered the house, Yolanda courageously shared her personal journey with her housemates, shedding light on the struggles she faced and the resilience she embodied in embracing her skin condition. Despite the barriers and prejudices she may have encountered in the fashion industry, Yolanda boldly embraces her role as a model, using her platform to challenge beauty standards and promote inclusivity. 

Meanwhile, Mpumi and Willy proudly represent their hometown of Pretoria, fondly referred to as "012," highlighting their attachment to their origins. Makhekhe also proudly reps his hood, Katlehong, aka “K1”. Lerato Modise, embracing her Sesotho heritage, stands as a symbol of cultural pride within the house. Sinaye, Meelay and Liema also carry the Eastern Cape flag high, sharing in the same pride of where they come from. On the other hand, you have Taki and YoungPappi who have stayed abroad, gaining some insights about other cultures and identities. This has influenced them to remain open, consider other perspectives and be analytical. We can see this with disruptor Taki who has used his fluidity to gain the confidence of housemates.  

PapaGhost challenges traditional gender norms with his fashion choices, fearlessly wearing skirts and crop tops typically associated with women. His confidence in his self-expression resonates with others in the house. His spirit of non-conformity can be found across the house, even with housemates like Fahima who is Muslim but does not practise and chooses to do what feels right for her. Els has also chosen to not conform to the good-girl script, even though she is usually an introverted girl that is always home. In Biggie’s house, she has committed to doing what feels right to her and kissing whoever she wants, even if it gets her into trouble with some housemates, boldly owning her narrative. Mich is another housmate that owns his narrative, considering his dissapointment in Chuenzaaa for outing him to the housemates. 

Furthermore, McJunior and Jareed boldly showcase their accents, refusing to conform to societal expectations of speech. McJunior's humorous anecdote about his accent changing when speaking English vs isiZulu adds depth to his character, highlighting the complexities of language and identity. Pale is the linguistically diverse hun in the house, and speaks proudly of her Johannesburg roots that help her relate and communicate with a mixed group of people. 

Lastly, Neo, the youngest housemate in the house and the most successulf HoH so far, has embraced her youth, but has been vocal that her age should never make people underestimate her capabilities to lead. The same goes for the lady with the last alphabet, Zee, who has not allowed her age to stop her from being herslef, standing her ground and boldly advocating for herself. 

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