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Keep umuntu wakho – Big Brother Mzansi

20 January 2022
Welcome aboard everybody! Let’s get shipping!
a text message conversation between lovers

We all know that December is the month where relationships seem to take a backseat in Mzansi, and January is the season to rebuild or to meet someone new. 

We wonder if any of the Housemates will be coming in single and ready to mingle or taken off the market? Will any ships sail this season or is it shipwreck season? 

Ships are what Big Brother fans use to refer to the romantic relationships that brew inside the House. The audience is always torn when it comes to these.  Some love a good ship and can’t wait to have favourites, like Lexi and Mandla, you get those who hate to love a ship because it gives them chest pains and they cannot handle the potential heartbreak it brings, and finally you have those who aren’t interested in ships and just want fights and drama because they feel like ships distract from the show itself. 

Everything requires a strategy in the Big Brother House and maybe that’s all the ships need to stay afloat, and we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list on how to #KeepUmuntuWakho in the Big Brother House: 


Don’t get Evicted 

There’s nothing worse than connecting with someone, only for them to get thrown overboard, because you can’t even throw them a life jacket. 

Fight for your ship 

If you can see that you’re heading for the rocks, pull up the sails and change course. It will take some work but it will be worth it when it doesn’t crash and wreck. 

Stick to one situation

There’s nothing as messy as a ship with more than two people aboard, all trying to captain, choose a direction and stick to it or you’ll find your ship all over the place. 

Take a break

This one is for an audience member who is dating a Housemate. 

Mayday mayday: Remember that your partner is there to play a game that could result in R2 million. 😉

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