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Day 48: We’ve been having it Mzansi! – BBMzansi

12 March 2022
Most of us have grown up knowing a thing or two about recycling since time immemorial – if you’re curious it’s time to dig into the family albums or ask some of the elders some interesting questions.
Sis Tamara walks the Recycling fashion  runway

One thing about Mzansi, we will find other ways of using one thing over and over for different purposes. Let’s face it; stockings may make a good fashion item, but what would mgusha games be without that elastic fabric? Remember the three-tin game, what would it be without fish cans? And, let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like dunusa deep dives in the CBD for a good pair of secondhand boyfriend jeans.

Although we might have not used the fancy expressions such as recycling, trust us, we’ve all played a part some way or the other with hand-me-down clothes. It’s ubaba’s stonewash denim jacket from when he met his first love. It’s the earrings from uGogo that have been passed down from generation to generation. Simply put, the concept of recycling fashion is an unspoken love language, an opportunity to share what one has adored with those they love.

For those that have siblings, by the time you were born somewhere in the house was a suitcase of baby clothes waiting for you. Come to think of it, most guys once wore a cute dress, most of us have a picture somewhere in a romper – what a cute little number!

Unless it’s designer wear – now that we have grown hand-me-down clothes aren’t as cool anymore! Let’s be frank, fashion comes and goes but what’s ironic is that no matter how much we deny it, thrifting is just a more hippie version of it all but just as impactful to eco-friendly fashion.

Are you really in Mzansi if you don’t have a drawer filled with plastic bags? Although it’s hoarding to some degree, we have ways of also tapping into the aspect of recycling by either using it as a bin liner or just your go-to shopping bag when you visit your nearest supermarket. Speaking of, we’ve all experienced heartbreak at some point in time with ice cream containers or those buttermilk biscuit tins. If it doesn’t have leftovers from the previous night or a sewing kit in it, then clearly you missed out on the disappointment most of us have gone through

In many ways, we all have a story to share about this whether knowingly or unknowingly we’ve all had our fair share of saving the planet the Mzansi way.

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