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Big Brother Mzansi unmasked

19 January 2022
These are the lessons learnt from previous Big Brother shows. Along with the drama, the clash, the opposition and the betrayal, here are some well learned life lessons we have picked up from the previous seasons of Big Brother Mzansi.
K2, Ace and Mbali Nkosi celebrating on Big Brother Mzansi S2

Celebrate your wins

It is important to celebrate your wins whether big or small, and we see this every time a housemate wins a challenge or completes a task.

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Reliance and social confidence

In Biggie’s house we have witnessed housemates gaining the confidence to build a self-reliance and become socially comfortable.

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Be versatile

We are constantly reminded to be versatile and to always be ready for the unexpected. Biggie is full of surprises and housemates never know which task or challenge they will be presented with, yet they take up the challenge.

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Collaboration is key

As much as we might hate to admit this, no man is an island. We all need each other and so is the case in the Big Brother House.

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Above all, we have learned to take our problems with a pinch of salt. Just relax … ungabi serious!

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