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Wrapping up an emotional season of Abandoned

05 March 2024
Tears, rejections and and joyous reunions.
Lorraine is reunited with her mother – Abandoned Image : 31386

In a world where connections are often lost and families are torn apart, the reality TV show Abandoned has captured the hearts of viewers with its powerful mission to reunite abandoned children with their long-lost parents. As the season draws to a close, we look back at the moments when emotions run high, heartbreaking revelations, and powerful moments of healing and closure.

1. Sinothando meets his father for the first time

Sinothando meets his father for the first time and he welcomes him with open arms. See the touching moment below here: 

2. Lorraine is reunited with her mother who she last saw as an infant

Lorraine finally meets her mother for the first time, they got separated while she was an infant due to the abusive relationship with her father. See the moment here:

3. Nthabiseng discovers the truth 

Not all stories are happily ever afters and this was Nthabiseng's story. She discovers that the man she thought was her father her entire life, is not and is left feeling helpless.

4. No reunion for Lindiwe 

Lindiwe tries to reconnect with her children with the help of Phumeza, unfortunately it doesn't result in a reunion. Watch the heartwrenching moment here:

5. Palesa meets her dad 

This journey comes with mixed emotions and this moment of reunion can sometimes be awkard. Palesa was left speechless as she met her father for the first time. See the moment here:

Over the last 12 weeks viewers were reminded of the universal need for love, connection, and reconciliation in a world marked by loss and separation. Through the transformative journeys of the show's participants, we witness the resilience of the human spirit, the healing power of forgiveness, and the enduring bonds that connect us all. 

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