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Phumeza Mdabe: A beacon of hope for the Abandoned

30 March 2021
It is not easy searching for healing but Phumeza is the lady you want on that journey.
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Each week, mzansi Magic viewers are brought to tears as people ho had been abandoned as young children try to search for the parents who left them behind. Sometimes, the reunion is joyous and they find closure and answers. Other times, the answers have long been buried with the people who abandoned them.

The search for closure, healing and answers is not an easy one but Phumeza Mdabe has taken it upon herself to not just be host but also a friend and comforter for those who have been abandoned. Each week, she cries with those who cry and ache, and she laughs with those who celebrate being reunited with family members. She travels the country over in search of belonging for those who were abandoned and each time trying and pushing harder than most to make sure she comes back with answers.

We couldn’t think of a more compassionate and passionate host for the job and you seem to agree too: Thank you Sis Phumeza Mdabe!

Catch all the journeys of the Abandoned on Showmax from episode one.