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Libo talks serendipity – Ses'Fikile Image : 27230
The making of Libo – Ses'Fikile Image : 27231
The making of Libo – Ses'FikileLibo reflects on his childhood and the kind of kid he was at school. He also tells Sol about the possibility of him becoming an exotic dancer and how his natural shyness would get in the way.
Tsotetsi – Sengkhathele Image : 27219
Tsotetsi – SengkhatheleMaria blames alcohol abuse on her behaviour, which has often lead the may fights with Tsotetsi. Tsotetsi decides to end things with her.
Lumkile – Sengkhathele Image : 27218
Lumkile – SengkhatheleDukie gets emotional and begs Lumkile for a last chance, but he’s adamant he wants to end things between the two of them.
Thembani – Abazali Image : 27222
Thembani – AbazaliFamily politics come into play, as Mohlouwa insists he’s waiting for Thembani’s family so they can iron out the issue of the child.
John – Abazali Image : 27220
John – AbazaliBusi reveals how John is present one moment and gone the next. He insists Busi and her family deny him access to the child. Category: Ubizo Season 3 and Mzansi Wethu
Thabo – Abazali Image : 27217
Thabo – AbazaliStanley reminds Thabo of access/contact and maintenance. He tries to justify his actions, and in the end they come up with a solution that works for all parties.
Tshepo – Sengkhathele Image : 27204
Tshepo – SengkhatheleIt turns out both Tshepo and his girlfriend are seeing other people. Tshepo decides to put an end to this entanglement.
The reasons behind it all – Ses'Fikile Image : 27180
The reasons behind it all – Ses'FikileSis Tamara gives some information about how they knew when they were being made fun of in the House, and who rubbed them up the wrong way (at least at first). They also speak to why they entered Big Brother Mzansi in the first place, and if it was all worthwhile, in the end.
How to grow up different – Ses'Fikile Image : 27179
How to grow up different – Ses'FikileDuring their chat with Sol Phenduka, Sis Tamara opens up about what it was like to grow up without conforming to a single gender – wanting to play with both the girls and the boys. They also speak about their own perception of what it meant to be "queer" when they were young.
Episode 1: "Look. the game is simple..." – Ses'Fikile Image : 27152
Episode 1: "Look. the game is simple..." – Ses'FikileThe show's host – Sol Phenduka – couldn't resist introducing an old Big Brother Mzansi staple – Truth or Dare. Except that this was "Truth or Shot", which is a bit tricky with someone who doesn't drink, but when Gash1 heard what was in the drink in lieu of alcohol, we're pretty sure he was considering other options. In this clip, we focus on those questions that deal with his relationship status – past and present.
Episode 1: Family matters – Ses'Fikile Image : 27151
Episode 1: Family matters – Ses'FikileDuring the premiere episode of Ses'Fikile, Big Brother Mzansi first runner-up talks about his childhood, his parents and the values they taught him. Also – in a pretty sweet moment – his father tells Sol Phenduka about how proud he is of the man Gash1 has become.
The Housemates are back! – Ses'Fikile Image : 27128
The Housemates are back! – Ses'FikileThe Big Brother Mzansi Housemates return to your screens in a new show exclusive to Mzansi Wethu. Tune in every Friday at 21:30 to find out what's going on in a different Housemate's life, now that the game has been played. Don't miss it!
Tladinyana – Abazali Image : 27123
Tladinyana – AbazaliStanley intervenes after noticing that Tladinyana and Nomvi’s are toxic, which makes one doubt their parenting skills. They agree to peaceful co-parenting.
Daniel – Abazali Image : 27120
Daniel – AbazaliIt’s a case of he said, she said between Daniel and the mother of his child, Boka. Abazali’s Stanley steps in to help them reach a mutual agreement about the welfare of their child.
Langa visits Shelembe family – Mnakwethu HEA Image : 27077
Langa visits Shelembe family – Mnakwethu HEALanga tries to make amends with MaShelembe and her family on Mnakwethu Happily Ever After on Mzansi Magic. He went to visit his inlaws but they want nothing to do with him. Langa and his wife MaSithole discuss the situation.
Fananyana – I Blew It Image : 26916
Fananyana – I Blew ItFananyana couldn’t believe his luck when he won R17.4 million after selling a DVD for a mere R70. He tells of how he spoiled his family with cars and entertained friends.
xNene – Ubizo Image : 26537
Nene – UbizoNene finds the answers she seeks when she and her mother visit Llyod. He also explains some of the things that have been happening to her body, as it being signs of her grandmother being around her.
MaVilakazi visits sister wife – Mnakwethu HEA Image : 26527
MaVilakazi visits sister wife – Mnakwethu HEAMaVilakazi visits her sister wife out of respect – to have a heart-to-heart. Mbeje shows up and the love potion is discussed. Later Mbeje reveals why he used the love potion.
MaMchunu shows new house – Mnakwethu HEA Image : 26528
MaMchunu shows new house – Mnakwethu HEAMaMchunu, one of Qondanisa’s wives, shows him the house she built, including the shack she lives in when she cooks for the builders.
Sphiwe – I Blew It Image : 26208
Sphiwe – I Blew ItSphiwe, tells of how he spent a whole R7 million within a short space of time on 10 cars, a house and entertainment. He also paid lobola for his girlfriend.
Kelebogile – Ubizo Image : 26218
Kelebogile – UbizoKelbogile and her family are done being haunted by the evil spirit in their home and want it out. Llyod also reveals her mother has a gift and how she can bring herself closer to her ancestors.
Mathi – I Blew It Image : 26160
Mathi – I Blew ItMathi recalls how he spent about R1.5 million on entertainment alone from 2015. He bought a house, several cars and spent quite a lot on clothes.
Kelebogile – Ubizo Image : 26158
Lerato – UbizoLerato is shocked when Lloyd reveals the meaning of the things that have happened to her. He also tells her she’s grown spiritually, to which Lerato confirms.
Libo talks serendipity – Ses'Fikile