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Bridget and Charlie – Sengkhathele Image : 23291
Kagiso and Tsakani– Sengkhathele Image : 23290
Kagiso and Tsakani– SengkhatheleAdmits he has found someone else and wants to move on from the relationship.
Catharine And Kabelo – Sengkhathele Image : 23289
Catharine And Kabelo – SengkhatheleKabelo finds it hard to accept Catharine’s break up suggestion, but she stand her ground. She later returns some of his things.
Thabo and Tshego – Sengkhathele Image : 23066
Thabo and Tshego – SengkhatheleTshego finally tells Thabo she’s no longer in love with him and names a couple of reasons why. They agree to end things amicably.
Thandeka and Tweelite – Segkhathele Image : 22952
Thandeka and Tweelite – SegkhatheleLerato intervenes when Tweelite walks out while Thandeka explains why she brought him on the show. Thandeka doesn’t believe a word he says and she gives back his ring.
Amanda and Nkunzi – Segkhathele Image : 22951
Amanda and Nkunzi – SegkhatheleAmanda is unhappy about Nkunzi’s conduct, especially when he’s performing at gigs. Nkunzi seems confused and thinks she’s joking when she tells him she wants to break up with him.
Nomfusi and Andile – Sengkhathele Image : 22880
Nomfusi and Andile – SengkhatheleNomfusi has had enough of her pastor boyfriend Andile, and wants out.
Kgomotso and Refilwe – Sengkhathele Image : 22869
Kgomotso and Refilwe – SengkhatheleRefilwe shocks Kgomotso with her reaction to his suggestion to break up. In the end, they agree that she should fetch her belongings.
Zakes and Kediemetse – Sengkhathele Image : 22832
Zakes and Kediemetse – SengkhatheleKediemetse reminds Zakes how he cheated on her in the past when he tries to dump her, but he’s adamant he wants out.
Bonokuhle and Fundzile – Sengkhathele Image : 22792
Bonokuhle and Fundzile – SengkhatheleFundzile can’t believe she’s being dumped on Valetine’s Day and on national TV, but Bonokuhle stands by her words and leaves.
Mbali and Skhumba – Sengkhathele Image : 22764
Mbali and Skhumba – SengkhatheleMbali can’t believe Skhumba thought of their relationship as an entanglement, when she thought they were in love.
Tumelo and Bethuel – Sengkhathele Image : 17124
Tumelo and Bethuel – SengkhatheleTumelo begs Bethuel not to end their relationship.
Khensani and Lilitha – Sengkhathele Image : 17093
Khensani and Lilitha – SengkhatheleLilitha cannot let go when Khansani drops a bomb on their broken relationship.
Joyce vs Mandla – Sengkathele Image : 17068
Joyce vs Mandla – SengkatheleJoyce ends things with Mandla, but things take a surprising turn when he claims they were never together.
Nkosinathi begs for a second chance – Sengkhathele Image : 17035
Nkosinathi begs for a second chance – SengkhatheleKamogelo ends her relationship with Nkhosinathi after 14 years of physical and emotional abuse.
Mathando caught by surprise – Sengkhathele
Mathando caught by surprise – SengkhatheleMathando tries to duck when he realises why Wilemina has brought him to Seng'khatele.
Why Willemmina is cutting ties – Sengkhathele
Why Willemmina is cutting ties – SengkhatheleWilemina tells us what went wrong in her relationship and the emotional abuse she has endured.
Tumelo and Gugu say goodbye – Sengkhathele
Tumelo and Gugu say goodbye – SengkhatheleTumelo and Gugu share an emotional moment and end things amicably.
Bridget and Charlie – Sengkhathele

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