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Namhla – Sengkhathele Image : 28250
Mazwi – Sengkhathele Image : 27514
Mazwi – SengkhatheleMazwi suspects that Gugu is cheating on him, but Gugu is adamant she’s not. She thinks his low self-esteem affects the relationship, and she refuses when he says they must break up.
Thabiso – Sengkhathele Image : 27513
Thabiso – SengkhatheleThabiso and Langelihle go back and forth about the issue of her not being able to make time for him. He is disappointed, when he realizes they’re not on the same page.
Phumzile – Sengkhathele Image : 27512
Phumzile – SengkhathelePhumzile has had it with Melusi and says he’s failing to do things for her. Melusi fails to understand why she left, They decide to call it quits.
Bongani – Sengkhathele Image : 27338
Bongani – SengkhatheleBongani has reached turning point and breaks up with Wendy, who tries to convince him otherwise. But he adamant he has moved on with his life.
Lebohang – Sengkhathele Image : 27268
Lebohang – SengkhatheleLerato steps in when the truth about what Lebohang’s girlfriends has been up to is revealed. Lebohang cuts ties with her, but he’s open to discuss things concerning their child.
Tsotetsi – Sengkhathele Image : 27219
Tsotetsi – SengkhatheleMaria blames alcohol abuse on her behaviour, which has often lead the may fights with Tsotetsi. Tsotetsi decides to end things with her.
Lumkile – Sengkhathele Image : 27218
Lumkile – SengkhatheleDukie gets emotional and begs Lumkile for a last chance, but he’s adamant he wants to end things between the two of them.
Tshepo – Sengkhathele Image : 27204
Tshepo – SengkhatheleIt turns out both Tshepo and his girlfriend are seeing other people. Tshepo decides to put an end to this entanglement.
Nandipha  – Sengkhathele Image : 27112
Nandipha – SengkhatheleLerato intervenes when Somnandi tries to justify his actions. Nandipha gets the shock of her life when he finds out he got another lady pregnant. She wants nothing to do with him.
Roselyn – Sengkhathele Image : 27108
Roselyn – SengkhatheleRoselyn’s main issue is the physical abuse she’s suffered in the hands of her boyfriend, Abel. He tries to justify his actions and even has a ring for her, but Roselyn has had enough.
Bridget and Charlie – Sengkhathele Image : 23291
Bridget and Charlie – SengkhatheleCharlie is forced to admit he’s cheating. He flips the script on Bridget and shocks her when he says he’s done with the relationship.
Kagiso and Tsakani– Sengkhathele Image : 23290
Kagiso and Tsakani– SengkhatheleAdmits he has found someone else and wants to move on from the relationship.
Catharine And Kabelo – Sengkhathele Image : 23289
Catharine And Kabelo – SengkhatheleKabelo finds it hard to accept Catharine’s break up suggestion, but she stand her ground. She later returns some of his things.
Thabo and Tshego – Sengkhathele Image : 23066
Thabo and Tshego – SengkhatheleTshego finally tells Thabo she’s no longer in love with him and names a couple of reasons why. They agree to end things amicably.
Thandeka and Tweelite – Segkhathele Image : 22952
Thandeka and Tweelite – SegkhatheleLerato intervenes when Tweelite walks out while Thandeka explains why she brought him on the show. Thandeka doesn’t believe a word he says and she gives back his ring.
Amanda and Nkunzi – Segkhathele Image : 22951
Amanda and Nkunzi – SegkhatheleAmanda is unhappy about Nkunzi’s conduct, especially when he’s performing at gigs. Nkunzi seems confused and thinks she’s joking when she tells him she wants to break up with him.
Nomfusi and Andile – Sengkhathele Image : 22880
Nomfusi and Andile – SengkhatheleNomfusi has had enough of her pastor boyfriend Andile, and wants out.
Namhla – Sengkhathele

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