You’ll never want to stay with Ringo – DiepCity

26 October 2021
Ringo is a horrible hot and all of Mzansi is talking about it.
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There have been many instances where Ringo has managed to pleasantly surprise us with his soft side. Most notably was when he hired two horses, a white and a black one, as a romantic gesture for the new love of his life, Khelina.

We have also been surprised to see Ringo giving in to all of Khelina’s taxing requests on him including wearing the t-shirt she had printed for them and helping her with her ntakunyisa business.

We thought Ringo’s romantic genetleness would translate to being a good host towards his friend, Bonga who he needed a place to stay after a fight with his wife but Ringo has been anything but a friendly host.

Mzzansi Magic viewers were left in stitches when he threatened to get a protection order against Bonga for finishing his tea, coffee and bread. Bonga was also in Ringo firing line for not doing the cooking and cleaning and treating his place like a holiday resort.

Maybe Bonga eats a little too much and but that can be chalked up to comfort eating to nurse his broken heart at the time. Here is what viewers thought of Ringo the host:

It looks like Bonga is officially back home after their kiss and make up family meeting, so Ringo can breathe easy. That is until he needs another free meal from Bonga. For more of the adventures of Bongs and Ringo, tune into #DiepCity every Monday to Friday at 20:30.