Trouble in KheliRingo paradise – DiepCity

27 October 2021
There’s a new charmer in town and he has his eyes on Ringo’s girl.
Best Friend Photo Collage Instagram Post (Facebook Cover)

For some people, finding out that someone has a crush on your bae can be a compliment. It’s a co-sign of your partner’s awesomeness and your impeccable choice. However, what happens when the person that has a crush on your girlfriend is your biggest music idol who is also promising to make your own music dreams come true.

That is the romantic dilemma Ringo is facing at the moment in DiepCity. The love of his life is being pursued by the idol of his life. He has already bought her flowers and taken her on a romantic date to Bra Shakes’ Tavern right there in sloot in front of everyone.

If Bonga’s short stay with his best friend is any indication, Ringo does not like to share. He does not like to share his space, food or his woman. So what can he do now? How can he compete with the suave Malume Bhodlo-Bhodlo with his Zulu charm and one-hit wonder CV?

Ringo’s only solace is that Khelina has made it clear to Bhodlo that she has a man. Whether she will trade in Ringo for an older and bigger model in Bhodlo is yet to be seen.

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