Week 3 on Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble!

10 April 2015
Week 3 on Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble! Image : 385
As with the first two weeks, week three on Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble has been all about the Housemates, who took on a challenging task, dealt with an unexpected game changing offer from Biggie, and tried to navigate the highs and lows of living in a house, where their every movement is tracked lived 24/7 by 44 cameras and 71 microphones.

Ten pairs began the game and now 8 remain in the race for the lucrative R 2 million cash prize. Ex and Lebo exited the game in week one (taking a cash offer of R 100 000 from Biggie to leave the game immediately) while Matthias and Sibu were voted out of the show during last Sunday’s eviction, an announcement that shocked their fans and pleased their critics equally!

The past week has had no shortage of drama however, thanks to the fact that Biggie’s latest offer to Housemates left them at odds with each other. After Chelsea and Mbali eagerly took R 10 000 from Biggie in return for ALL the Housemates having to replace meals with meal replacement drinks, they have found themselves in hot water as annoyed Housemates, who were not part of their decision, made their displeasure clearly felt, with Kay and Ace among the most vocal about their unhappiness. Their frustrations peaked as Biggie periodically opened his mobile kitchen in garden, which was filled with yummy temptations, each with a price that Chelsea and Mbali would have to pay if the Housemates partook of the tasty food.

However Biggie is a good guy at heart, and the Housemates got a special meal delivery after Tiffini picked up the ringing red phone and won herself and the rest of the House a meal voucher. In addition to the meals that Chelsea and Mbali are buying for the Housemates out of their R 10 000 allocations, Housemates have had a respite from their liquid only diet.

In amongst it all, two birthdays were celebrated as boyfriend/girlfriend pair Bongi and Khali celebrated their birthdays within two days of one another. And while Chelsea and Mbali didn’t buy the R 1 000 priced birthday cake on Bongi’s bday, after a discussion with the Housemates, they did buy one for Khali to share with the Housemates. Khali was a lucky lady indeed because Bongi also gave her with gorgeous flowers on her special day, compliments of Biggie. In addition, there was good news for Chelsea and Mbali who pocketed R 8300 each, after the four day liquid diet ended and the monies they paid out for meals were deducted.

There was also dancing to be practiced for this week’s task and the Housemates took on their latest task with hard work and focus. On Thursday night, decked out in satin and shimmer, they earned their 100% wager after they showcased their ballroom dancing skills, after which they sat down to a grand banquet to celebrate their win!

However while the dance task was well completed and the Housemates were happy with the results, there can be no doubt that nominations also influenced the house this week, especially given that Head of House couple Pumba and Kay saved Adams and Thembi and put cousins Bexx and Soxx up for nomination instead, a move which seems to have driven a wedge between couple Soxx and Tembi whose relationship has been blossoming recently.

So with six weeks to go, stay tuned to Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble on DStv channels 197 and 198. And don’t forget to watch the live Sunday eviction show on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) at 8pm to find out just who will be next to leave the house! Nominated this week are: Gino and Tiffini; Mbali and Chelsea; Bexx and Soxx.

Also appearing on stage on Sunday night is accomplished producer, writer and rapper Riky Rick whose hit singles Nafukwa, Amantombazane and most recently Boss Zonke strongly showcase his formidable talent. It’s no wonder then that he’s become a sought after music producer for artists like Cassper Nyovest, L-Tido and DJ Dimplez. Riky follows on from DJ Clock who will be on the decks in the house for this weekend’s Saturday night party!