To love a mother

18 May 2017
He is out-spoken, free-spirited and a hard worker but he always has time for mama. Here are all the ways Somgaga loves his mom!

He is the quintessential party-starter, a busy man who works hard and sleeps little as well as a lover of people and loved by many too. However, Somgaga does not miss a chance to show him mother some love. We take a look at some of the ways he has shown this!

1. He is her Number 1 fan!Β 

Everybody thinks their mother is the best thing since slived bread. A few may even celebrate the women that gave birth to them and raised them. However, no one is all these things and a huge fan of his mother. He speaks highly of her, respects her craft and is inspired by her. there is no doubt about where Somizi gets his work ethic from!Β 

2. He showers her with gifts!

3. He celebrates her even on his own birthday!

Most people see their birthdays as a day to celebrate themselves. For Somizi, his birthday would be meaningless without his mother!

4. He cooks for her!

For soem, buying gifts is too easy and may not be very meaningful. However, an act of service goes a long way in communicate love. Somizi not only showers his mother with gifts but he also cooks for her and she absolutely loves his cooking!Β 

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5.Β He spends time with her

The fear of growing older for many people, is being forgotten by the people you care about the most. Whenever he is around, Somizi sees his mother at least once a week. Before he goes to hang out with friends, he makes sure to make a stop at his mother's house with a gift or meal specially cooked by him in hand.Β 

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