A mother’s love – Makoti Are You The One?

13 May 2023
They have welcomed their potential daughters-in-law with warmth!
Makoti Are You The One? S2 article

Children will always go to their parents with any idea that they come up with, but full blown adults that are now madly in love come with the wildest of ideas and that’s exactly what happened on #MakotiAreYouTheOne.

All the mamazalas got the shock of their lives when they found out that their children wanted their partners to live with them for 21 days in hopes of teaching them their ways and everything that includes being a good wife. It hasn’t been easy but they all agreed, welcomed them and chose to love them because a mother’s love is unconditional and this Mother’s Day we celebrate all that they are. 💕


Mam’ Dhladhla and Fifi

Aus’ Maitiki as she’s known in the family is very strict and that one aunt that never sits down, you know the very clean one who wants things to be done a particular way and Fifi knowing all of this made her think that it wasn’t going to be a pleasant journey.

Once they worked together in her business of making fat cakes, it became evident that she’s simply a mother who wants the best for Fifi and Linda. She opened herself up to talking to Fifi about how she’ll be supportive of them while they pay damages for the children before her and Linda can get married (all while sweeping the yard of course!). Tears were shed but she was there for her and that further shows that the love is so clearly present and that moving forward, it will be beautiful even through the bickering.


Mme Matshaneng and Wendy

Lorraine has a gem in Mme Matshaneng and not only because of her beautiful spirit but also her understanding and loving who she loves. She was just as shocked by the news but that didn’t last long before she accepted and looked forward to having Wendy in her home.

Not only was Wendy welcomed but she quickly found out that she’ll be sharing a bed with Lorraine’s aunt as well, now if that isn’t another level of kindness then we don’t know what is. She has been patient and loving in showing her how things are done in her household and committed to loving her like her own child.


Mam’ Masango and Sophie

When Prince approached his family to ask them for their permission for Sophie to come and stay with them, his mother was the last person to have a problem with it. She first understood that his son is now in love with Sophie and she accepts that and went on to make sure that she will show her everything she needs to know with love.


Mam’ Phoko and Pinky

As with all the relationships, it wasn’t all easy in the beginning but Pinky and her mother in law have come a way from their dramatic times.

One thing about Pinky, it’s never that serious to her and Shaun’s mother is showing that she is fond of her especially when they get to do things outside the house together. Mam Phoko is all about health and fitness so taking a walk together and then making smoothies has been a way to her heart but the love has been there, it’s just been a matter of making sure things are done her way.


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