These signs say a lot about them – S’jola Sonke

05 July 2023
Let's look at the couples as star signs and what they tell us about them.
S'jola Sonke article

Zodiac signs can explain so many things about people’s personalities and characteristics and whether you believe them or not, it’s simply there. In this case, we are choosing to believe it all because it’s making so much sense. 😅


Hope and Lesego – Cancer sign

Cancerians are known to be one of the signs that can come off hard on the exterior however, underneath the shell is a sympathetic and empathetic soul. We’ve seen this in play when Nosipho entered the chat and exposed a very hard side to Hope especially as she kept insisting that she hates liars and wants her nowhere near her relationship.

Recently though while she was expressing how Lesego treats her, we saw that she’s in fact a gentle soul that breaks too and can be soft. When it comes to love, cancers are devoted, passionate and emotional and throughout the season we’ve seen both of them feel a lot when it comes to the connections that they’ve made as well as their expectations of each other when it comes to their relationship. They are very much in touch! 


Kwanele and Juju – Scorpio sign

As a fixed water sign, Scorpios are known for their loyalty and devotion and giving their all to whoever catches their eye. This rings true for this here couple seeing how they haven’t been shy about connecting and doing all that they can to keep the ones they are into, and of course removing whoever doesn’t match.

Being loyal and sensitive to their loved ones is what Juju has been portraying even through his and Kwanele’s arguments. He never hits below the belt but instead makes sure that they end up being okay. Kwanele on the other hand depicts the side of this sign that is temperamental and has an intense personality as we’ve seen that a disagreement with him can quicky go from zero to a hundred in a matter of minutes.


Rainbow and Test – Pieces sign

Pisces thrive on spontaneity and love to be able to go with the flow, and that alone screams Rainbow and Test. When this sign falls in love, they do so wholeheartedly and that’s one thing we’ve seen from this couple since day one.

This sign is also compassionate and loving and we’ve often seen Test especially try so hard to make sure that there’s peace in the villa and making sure he gets where anyone is coming from when there’s conflict.


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