Singles face off – S’jola Sonke

30 June 2023
It gets awkward for everyone involved.
S'jola article

Crashing a date is never a good idea but being on a dating show with couples that are trying to find a third partner calls for it if you want to try and come out on tops.

Aviwe and Mandisa

We have all come to know Aviwe as the date crasher and this has not only caused couples to be left in shock but it has rubbed whichever single that happens to be on that date, the wrong way. When he decided to crash Kwanele and Juju’s date, Mandisa was the one on the date and her jaw was on the floor.

Even though she tried to remain calm and cordial, it was all over her face that she was irritated especially because their date was getting to good place.

Aviwe continued to explain why he made an appearance but as he continued, Mandisa found it necessary to put some things she heard on the table. They had a very awkward moment when she revealed that Aviwe is actually interested in her and another single instead of focusing on the couples that he is here for.


Aviwe and Nosipho

Aviwe has been here, there and everywhere but it’s understandable for someone who’s just trying to see where he fits and connects. Another couple that he’s been into is Hope and Lesego and he hasn’t been shy about wanting to give it his all when it comes to them.

The situation has already been tense for Nosipho when it comes to Hope since she isn’t connecting with her and now Aviwe just came and made it worse. His arrival was bad enough, but when he mentioned that Nosipho had a thing with Kefentse, all broke loose and put this situation at a very bad place.


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