Singles are falling for each other – S’jola Sonke

05 July 2023
The plot thickens.
S'jola Sonke article

A journey of three couples and multiple singles who hope to be the chosen ones to be part of their relationships respectively, that is what #SjolaSonke was meant to be but no one saw the plot twists that were to follow.

Singles got to spend a lot of time together especially while they were all in the playhouse and this meant bonding sessions were endless, which then meant possibilities to fall for each other were endless.


Kefentse and Nosipho

It seemed like it was something that was meant to stay behind closed doors at first but when all the singles started talking about the nights they have, it came out that Kefentse and Nosipho has a moment that led to their lips locking. This has however come back to bite Nosipho and ruined her chances with Hope and Lesego when they found out that she wasn’t honest about the whole ordeal.

Aviwe and Tremaine

Now Aviwe we know as the guy that moves around trying to see where he can fit in but Tremaine looked like the one who knew where her eyes are looking from the minute she landed in the villa. It all started when they enjoyed some quality time together and being overly expressive with their bodies at the pool party so it wasn’t shocking when they said their goodbyes with a kiss.


Kefentse and Mbali

Kefentse has lowkey been a popular man with the singles, it’s all in his moves that are now so loud seeing as he’s not connecting with any of the couples. It now turns out that he’s smitten by Mbali and having the chance to stay in the villa finally gave him a chance to spend more time with her and let it be known that he’s indeed serious about her.


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