The Road: Sitting on a bed of lies

14 January 2016
The Road: Sitting on a bed of lies Image : 770

The way things are looking, it’s almost as if Zoe planned Kedi’s murder. Having already carried out one murder – the most central of the many – that of Zwelakhe’s, it’s not a far fetched idea. She’s walked away with Kedi’s life in every sense; murdering her and replacing her in her onscreen role of Stella.

But with Bheki paying a cost too heavy, Zoe is left with the job of spinning an elaborate web of lies, smiles and deceit to save her own back. The secrets keep piling as she makes gains in her new career.

Sorry, not sorry

Before we travel too far down that road, lest we forget, she is Zwelakhe’s infamous killer. The very culprit we’ve all been searching for. The source behind a death that unravalled Bambatha’s corrupt dealings. Because of her, Monty’s illusions of running his father’s empire one day, were shattered to pieces as were Kedi’s hopes to become a his trophy wife.

Zakes, a distant adopted son, was uprooted and roped into a running a company he didn’t want and inheriting the skeletons in it’s closet.

Which brings us to the little issue of the diamonds. She has those neatly stashed under her humble bunk too. The blood diamonds for which Godfrey – the tragic accountant – was murdered, mowed down and left for dead in the parking lot of Bambatha.

The centre of it all

The illicit diamonds that made a Katanga-killer out of Zakes and continues to place Salome and Silas at the brink of death, of not danger.

All because of Zokthula.

She’s masked her true identity behind that of an innocent. A modest jane who went from lowly tea girl to lead actress. Underneath a chaste smile she continues to acquire and hide more and more secrets.

We must say though, her current secret-keeping task is proving hairy to say the least. If plummeting Kedi to her end in fit of rage wasn’t enough of a conscience tormentor, framing her boyfriend for the murder should do it.

Will all these secrets lead to Zoe’s undoing or will they just go onto furnish a fast growing collection?

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