The Mxenge wives ain't about the fourth – Gqeberha: The Empire

25 January 2023
Luzuko's announcement left the Mxenge wives shaken.
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One thing is for sure, Luzuko rules his kingdom by his own rules. 

After beating Thulani in the courting game with Anathi, he let it be known that he wants to marry Anathi. 

Although surprised by the idea, Anathi didn't decline on the spot and was given time to think about it. 

What got audiences talking was how Luzuko didn't consult any of his wives while making this decision. 


Luzuko sent the cows and then made the announcement


Luzuko spent about a week with his new flame and sent the uncles to negotiate the following week! 

Here's the catch, he made this announcement on the day he sent his uncles to his new flames house to make his intention known. 

It seems, nobody stands in the way of what Luzoko wants, even his beloved wives. 

Here's how the Mxenge wives responded. 

The wives' reactions in a summary: 


1. Bulelwa has seen this movie before 

Bulelwa Mxenge

The loving first wife has been here and done it before, Bulelwa understands that her beloved husband will do what he wants. It seems the only complaint she has is that Luzuko failed her with his decision to marry Nozuko, a young and immature wife. 

2. Zimkhita is definitely indiferent 

Zimkhitha Mxenge

Zimkhita is plotting a second attempt on her husband and is wondering how long she has to endure his clownery ways. Her husband's decision to take on another wife is further validation of why he is a horrible partner and has to die.

3. Nozuko is heartbroken

It seems Nozuko thought she was special and that she would certainly be the last of the Mxenge wives. In an emotional state since the announcement, she wonders where she went wrong as she satisfies Luzuko in every way possible. She's beside herself, there's a new wife in town and not even she could prevent it from happening. 

Will Anathi be welcomed into the family by the Mxenge wives'? 

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