The Mxenge loyalty will be tested – Gqeberha:The Empire

18 January 2023
Father and son both have the hearts for Anathi
Black woman

There's nobody in this world that Luzuko trusts more than this right-hand man, first born son and confidant, Thulani. We've noticed just how strong this bond this and we're scared Anathi may be here to cause some tension. The father and son are both mesmerized by the beauty that is Anathi, a girl from the village who is in Gqeberha to hustle for her family. 

Thulani spots her in the streets of Gqeberha 


While catching up with Stokies, Thulani is blown away by a young lady who is getting into a taxi. He can't believe how breathtakingly beautiful she is! He tries to stop the taxi and chase after her, however, he is too late. Thulani asks his friend to find out who she is because if it's one person who can hustle the information, it's him. 

Luzuko spots Anathi at work 


During a business meeting at a local restaurant, Luzuko spots Anathi and is immediately enamored by her beauty. He asks for her clan name and strikes up a conversation about her wish to become a chef. She relays her desire to take care of her grandmother and brother. Luzuko uses this opportunity to leave a tip that makes it rain and is an answer to her prayers. 💰

Father VS Son

It seems that both father and son are competing for Anathi's heart but this may make their relationship slightly awkward. His father is already hinting about wanting a fourth wife, it seems he has decided to pursue his sons dream bae. However, all is fair in love and war as they both don't realise they are in love with the same girl. Who will win Anathi's heart and how will it affect their relationship?

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