The “I” word – DiepCity

24 February 2022
DiepCity is tackling the male infertility conversation

The subject of male infertility has always been taboo particularly in African cultures. In some instances, women have been unknowingly and knowingly wrongfully blamed for a lack of children in the home.

Some women and even families have gone to great lengths to hide the male infertility in the family in ways that if were discovered could cause great anguish, as is the case with Momo.

The Gedeza family pulled no punches when insulting Momo about how long it was taking her and her husband, Elliot Gedeza to conceive. They called her every name in the book including “barren” to remind her of their empty nest.

In a turn of events, science confirmed that the reason the Gedeza’s were struggling to conceive is because Mgedeza has been infertile from birth. Could the Gedeza’s and society have pushed her to seek another man to impregnate her and pass of the child as Mgedeza’s?

It was heartbreaking to watch Mgedeza learn the news of his infertility and he blacked out before he had even heard the interventions or alternatives the doctor wanted to discuss with him. Surely, he does not deserve to be deceived because of his infertility.

But how else was Momo to bring a child in the home without revealing asecret about her husband that she knew he would not want the world to know.

Now that Mgedeza does know that EJ is not his child, will he leave Momo and the baby and risk society’s judgement? Or can he raise a child who is not his and ibelongs to a man he hates, as his own child?

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