Momo’s dilemma – DiepCity

10 February 2022
The reality of Momo’s betrayal is hitting her now that Baby EJ is here.

The consequences of Momo’s desperation to have a baby were evident for us all to predict when she was running around DiepCity trying to find a sperm donor behind Mgedeza’s back.

Now that Baby EJ is here and questions around his paternity are becoming frequent, Momo is stuck between her newborn baby, the father she would like him to have and the father he may truly have.

The jury is still out on who Baby EJ’s real father is but if Mgedeza’s aunt’s dream and the sangoma’s prediction are anything to go by, Jomo is most likely the father and not Mgedeza.

So what can Momo do now? Should she come clean and hope her husband can sympathise with the desperation she had as a woman who wanted to be a mother but could not speak to her husband about their fertility?

Or should she take this secret to the grave and hope that with time, Baby EJ will look like Mgedeza and be accepted by his aunt the Gedeza ancestors?

Perhaps this would be easier if Jomo had not declared his undying love not only for Baby EJ but also for Momo. He is determined to make them family which means breaking Mgedeza’s family.

So who should Moo choose? A lifetime of secrets with the man she loves or the possibility of family and more children with a man she despises?

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