Twitter reacts to Kefilwe's death – The Throne

19 July 2019
Princess Kefilwe dies.

The death of Kefilwe left us shooketh, Mzansi is still trying to recover from the princess unexpected death. Kefilwe decided to make a stop before her flight to London, she walked into the palace and discovered that the Kwena family are indeed the rightful heirs to the throne. Sello paid the doctor to lie about the DNA test results and she confronted him. He knew this would threaten his reign as King, with the coronation only a few days away, so he violently attacked her and strangled her to death! If you missed this heated scene, catch it below:

Mzansi could not control their tears, and others believe that the Kwena crocodiles will come to Kefilwe's rescue. We will just have to wait and see if a spiritual resurrection takes place! See Mzansi's Tweets below:



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