The curious case of Mndeni – eHostela

10 February 2019
How can a killer be so loveable?
curious case of mndeni

There is no doubt Mndeni killed Khethiwe’s father in cold blood. We saw it with our own eyes. He barely flinched before he asked her father to close his eyes so he could pull the trigger without ever being haunted by the old man’s eyes. So there is really no way we can give Mndeni the benefit of the doubt – he is guilty as charged.

However, most of Mzansi is finding it difficult to remember Mndeni this way because unlike his brother and fellow hitman, Mndeni offers so much more. Mndeni is a respectful, romantic, kind and a gentle spirit who listens to the wisdom of his elders. Maybe this obedient nature is what got him into trouble in the first place.

Just an orphan, Mndeni was taken in by his late adoptive father Mancinza who raised his as his own. As Mancinca was the head of ibutho lamaDelukufa, it meant Mndeni would become a trained assassin. It was a fate that was handed to him, not chosen.

The light of goodness we see in Mndeni is proof that maybe, under different circumstances and parenting, Mndeni may have turned out to be a different man.

Maybe this obedient nature is what got him into trouble in the first place

Or maybe that is giving him too much credit. Mndeni clearly knows the difference between wrong and right. His own guilt that has been eating him since he found out Khethiwe is Scelo Skhosana’s daughter, is proof that he had it in him to make different choices. To leave ibutho behind and pursue his music career.

Mzansi is torn! Mndeni Nxumalo remains an emotional conundrum for most.

Whether Khethiwe will be generous and charitable in her analysis of her husband is yet to be seen. Whether Mndeni will infact go to jail for killing her father is also unknown.

What are you rooting for? For Mndeni to getway with murder so he can be with Khethiwe or for Mndeni to face the music of who he really may be?