Mzansi's famous quotables

04 November 2021
These are some of your favs' signature lines.
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When you hear the words, you know exactly who said it and not just because you recognise their voice, but you also recognise their signature line. Here are some of our favourites and when you can watch them say their favourite words.


“Ngikhululeke njenge tsheketshe es’nqeni” – Mayeni

Remember when Mayeni played the fateful rose game and left without a single rose? Someone else may have been shattered to see their sister-wives giving each other roses for kindness and not getting even one but she said she was not bothered at all about it, to quote her “Ngikhululeke njenge tsheketshe es’nqeni”.

Catch your fav queen of shade on #uThandoNesthembu season 5 every Thursday at 20:00.

If you want to see the evolution of Mayeni from Candy Crush queen to queen of shade, watch #utHANDO nes’thembu season 1 – 4 on Showmax.


ANSWER: B – 7 and E – 1

“I’m laughing” – Khelina the Khelzinator

“An’tsho phela” – Pastor Charleston

To call them the comedic relief would be an understatement. Khelina and Pasto Charles are firm favourites and the daily bread we need and love to see on #DiepCity every Monday to Friday at 20:30.


ANSWER: C – 6 and G – 2

“Siyay’basela siphinde siy’cishele” – Brutus and Shaka Khoza

“Hey, shut up! All of you!” – Harriet Khoza

Brutus and Shaka are always going on about something but they’re favourite line is to remind us of their Khoza clan names and phrases. Shortly after, you may hear Harriet having to call a family meeting that is getting out of hand to order with her famous “Shut up!”.

Live to see all this drama every Monday to Friday at 21:00 on #TheQueenMzansi.



“Sibindi uyabulala, sibindi uyaphilisa” – Musa Mseleku

If you are a married women and you hear these words you may feel your heart sink to your knees. That’s because it is the signature line of #MnakwethuMzansi host, Musa Mseleku usually just minutes before he walks into someone’s house to introduce an unsuspecting first wife to a second wife.

Don’t believe us? Watch #MnakwethuMzansi season 1 on Showmax to see for yourself.



“Never!” – Onthatile

If you have never heard Onthatile say “Never” with volume, fever, anger and passion, are you even watching #Gomora? You know when she says that, it is about to go down.

Stay tuned every Monday to Friday at 19:30 to see what nonsense Thati will be putting an end to with more than just her words.


We are not just the home of the best entertainment, we are also the home of the best quotables!