Mzansi Magic presents Code 13

05 March 2024
It is a race to capture escaped convicts and a determined detective’s plight for justice.
Code 13 press release

Crime, corruption, and betrayal of the highest level are the driving themes for Mzansi Magic’s new drama series Code 13, premiering on 14 April. 

Set in the gritty heart of Jo’burg, Code 13 follows the story of Bheki Ndlovu, a no-nonsense Jozi detective with a knack for connecting the dots and solving complex cases. Together with a hard-edged police unit, he is tasked with recapturing six of the city's most dangerous criminals who escaped from a police van while in custody.

However, this already challenging case presents him with hurdle after hurdle at every turn as his efforts reveal a web of corruption, betrayal, and secrets at the very top. Moreover, Bheki’s work life is not the only one that seems to be ‘adventure-packed’, but his personal life plays a significant role as he tries to balance the two, especially when his love interest turns out to be a colleague.

Code 13 is one series that will capture the true essence of a criminal investigation show, including a cast and plot that will keep viewers guessing with every episode,” says Shirley Adonisi, director of local entertainment channels: M-Net. “We are excited to bring something that we know our viewers will look forward to and make it part of the already strong and entertaining Sunday line-up.”

The big question is: Can Bheki trust his team of over-qualified and egotistical law enforcers to recapture this group of dangerous escapees and expose a web of corruption that reaches the highest levels of power before the city descends into irreversible chaos?

To get all the answers and to see how it all unfolds, tune in to Code 13 premiering Sunday 14 April at 20:00 on Mzansi Magic Channel 161.


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