Drama in the Mxenge household in May – Gqeberha: The Empire

25 April 2023
Luzuko has to deal with betrayals from those closest to him.
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Things are getting heated this May in the Mxenge household, here are all the spoilers for month. 

Monday- May 

Who's fooling who?   

Luzuko plays a mental game of cat and mouse with Zimkhitha. Mpilo burrows himself further into Dumisani and Sandiswa's life.

Tuesday - 2 May 23  

It's complicated         

Luzuko tries to get confessions of Msimelelo and his collaborators. Funeka is fed up with Msimelelo. She makes a drastic decision about her marriage.

Wednesday - 3 May 

Who's the liar?

Funeka finally decides to track Msimelelo down. Mpilo has a tough decision to make. Luzuko realises something big.

Thursday - 4 May 

Where there's smoke

Mpilo is nearly caught on his lies as his rollercoaster affair continues. Zimkhitha panics when the chickens seem to come home roost. Funeka regrets calling Gubevu.

 Friday - 5 May         

Reap what you sow   

Mpilo is tired of being Dumisani's little dirty secret. Zimkhitha is not quite prepared for Luzuko's surprise.

Monday - 8 May 

Nothing but the truth

Luzuko reunites the people who tried to have him killed and demands answers within 24 hours. Mpilo can't bring himself to drop Sindiswa even though he really wants to.

Tuesday - 9 May   

Confrontation, Confession & Pee      

Things take a dramatic turn for Mpilo. Msimelelo and Zimkhitha are getting on each other's nerves inside the container. Luzuko lies to his children.

Wednesday - 10 May

Desperate measure   

Luzuko calls Zimkhitha's bluff with bloody results. Mpilo reels as Dumisani starts a new life and ends a relationship.

Thursday -11 May 

Returns & Apologies 

Ntando saves Zimkhithas life and makes Luzuko to feel guilty. Msimelelo returns home.

Friday - 12 May 

Fathers and sons       

Msimelelo's past comes back to bite him in the worst way. Luzuko finds that making amends for his mistakes isn't going to be easy.

Monday - 15 May

The past never forgets          

Ntando is determined to assert his newfound power over his siblings. Sivuyile threatens to expose the truths to Funeka.

Tuesday -16 May 

There's a new boss in town   

Ntando starts making big changes to the Mxenge household. Sivuyile's not happy about being kept as Msimelelo's dirty secret.

Wednesday - 17 May 

How not to nab a big fish      

Ntando gets a rude awakening when he realises nabbing a big fish to impress his father is not easy. Msimelelo has a hard time controlling Sivuyile.

Thursday - 18 May 


Ntando makes a deal with the devil. Sivuyile is touched by the word of affirmation Msimelelo uses on him for the first time.

Friday -19 May 

All eyes on Ntando    

Ntando has reached a place of no return with the abalone shipping. Sivuyile demands to move into Msimelelo's house.

Monday - 22 May

More money, more arrogance.         

The abalone deal proves to be very lucrative for Mpilo and Ntando while Thulani's suspicions grow. Msimelelo is struggling to keep his secret son away from his wife.

Tuesday - 23 May       

There's a crowd         

Funeka questions her generosity when she sees Sivuyile's lack of house training. Ntando is caught with his pants down.

Wednesday - 24 May

A mess-up king          

Thulani has to step up as big brother. Msimelelo squirms as Funeka and Nontle embrace Sivuyile.

Thursday - 25 May 

One last job   

Ntando decides to dabble in illegal activity one last time. Msimelelo tries to do right by his son.

Friday- 26 May

No such thing as easy money

Ntando's abalone smuggling mission goes wrong. Msimelelo finally apologises to Sivuyile for abandoning him. Mxolisi threatens to kill whoever stands in his way, especially Thulani.

Monday - 29 May

I'm not a deadbeat    

Thulani has to save Ntando who's been busted with the abalone by the police. Msimelelo is worried that Sivuyile will tell Funeka the truth.

Tuesday - 30 May

Who's your daddy?   

Ntando is afraid to face Luzuko when he returns. Anathi gets news that turns her life upside down. Msimelelo is on borrowed time with Sivuyile holding an axe over his head.

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