Mzansi approves of The Bala Family

21 April 2023
The Bala family trends at no 1
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The Bala Family started the season with a bang and it has gotten Mzansi's stamp of approval. Trending to the top! ⭐️

Mzansi showed some love for the show because they were pleasantly surprised with how the Bala's shared their challenges without flinching. Here are all the moments that got Mzansi talking: 

Jafta and Veronica 💜

It was revealed in the episode that mom, Veronica remarried her late husband's friend, and the siblings don't approve of the marriage. Mr. Jafta however, made a good impression with Mzansi who loved and appreciate his humour. 

Phelo and Zwai's slight beef 💀

Although the beef seems one-sided for now, it seems Phelo has not spoken to Zwai in a minute and you could cut the tension with a knife. Phelo repeatedly said he didn't care whether the relationship would mend or not. This is an amazing contrast to his relationship with Loyiso, who he said he sees as a father figure and mentor. 

Phelo's new gig with the underground gang 💼

Phelo is now a traditional healer who has been initiated and Mzansi was shook to find out about these new developments, he also touched on his estranged relationship with his husband, Moshe Ndiki. Confirming that they are not yet divorced. 

Pinky girl issa fave 😍

The real Pink girl showed up last night and Mzansi fell in love with her. They loved what a straight talker she is, without being overly aggressive and pushy. You know Mzansi also has a thing for beautiful women! 

See what Mzansi had to say below:

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