5 Izingane Ze'sthembu moments that have confirmed #Sthandaidrama

31 July 2023
Bathi kuningi and it's getting kuningier.
Izingane Zesthembu

Izingane Zesthembu is a hit according to Mzansi, every week it brings drama. 

The Mseleku kids are navigating love, hardships, school, and family responsibilities. We never expected to rally behind them so much. However, a little drama goes a long way in this reality show. Here are all the moments that have confirmed that #Sthandaidrama as a nation. 

1. Mpumelelo expecting baby number 2 

In the first episode, Mzansi learned that Mpumelelo is expecting baby number two with his girlfriend Tirelo. It was revealed that neither his parents nor his first baby mother knew about this. He has a three-year-old baby girl with Vuyokazi Nxiweni, who he is very much still in a relationship with. Viewers echoed how surprised they were when Mpumelelo admitted to wanting Isithembu just like his father, Musa Mseleku. 

2. Sne's healing journey 

We have watched Sne's somewhat controversial journey unfold in previous seasons of #UthandoNesthembu. She has had to deal with teenage pregnancy and a sexual violence incident under the intense scrutiny of Mzansi. This show has highlighted her healing journey as she tries to come to terms with her pregnancy loss and traumas. We're loving the mature and confident Sne and we wish her all the best with her healing journey.

3. A beautiful moment between father and son

Musa Mseleku handled the family business with his son, Lwandle. In this meeting, he expressed his wishes for the future leader of the Mseleku household. He gave him words of wisdom about his birthright. A very intimidating task, that involves staying away from sleeping around and consuming alcohol recklessly. The task may seem to be out of his depth for now but Mzansi is confident that he will grow into his role and make the family proud. 

4. The awkward ship that is not Sthembuing

If it's one thing that Mpumelelo's journey with Tirelo and Vuyo proves is that Isithembu is far from easy. Navigating the emotions of everyone involved is crucial, and while he is trying his best the ship is just not smooth sailing. There seems to be some kind of rivalry and a fight for Mpumelelo's attention and love. The spicy clap backs and the awkward moments are just giving too much drama. Will they be able to tolerate and accept one another? 

5. That moment you have to tell your dad your second girlfriend is pregnant.💀

This moment was so hard for Mzansi to watch but we can't help but admire Mpumelelo's accountability. It's hard for him to lay down the law without the institution of marriage and still have to live under his father's mthetho. This is why Mzansi agreed with Musa pushing his son to eventually marry both women and not only give them children. Audiences felt Musa was firm in his response yet still supportive as a parent. The dynamics are interesting, but it does seem the young man is determined to see his intentions (for isithembu) through. 

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