Love Story: Khanyisile and Moses

17 September 2017
He knew she liked him too, by the way she reacted when he spoke to her.
Khanyisile and Moses meet 1

He made a promise to Khanyisile’s mother in 2005 and 12 years later, Moses has lived to fulfil it.   

The couple’s first encounter was when Khanyisile was on a bus, travelling to school back in 2005. She and a couple of other friends noticed Moses, who was standing at a bus stop with a friend, as the bus drove past them. They all noticed how both men were fashionably dressed and screamed in excitement.

A week went by and fate, once again, made their paths to cross. This time, Khanyisile was on her way to buy stationery at a local shop. Moses was sitting with a couple of other friends, when Khanyisile walked past, greeting them in the process. Moses was immediately interested in her and asked one of the other friends more about Khanyisile. He eventually got her number and asked her to meet him in town a few days later.

Moses says Khanyisile was very shy and couldn’t look him in the eye that day. He says she couldn’t bring herself to tell him she likes him too and that’s when he knew she actually liked him too!

Five months into the relationship, tragedy stuck. Khanyisile’s mother fell sick and sadly passed away. Moses has remained supportive throughout the whole ordeal and has put Khanyisile through school.

Moses proposed on Valentine’s Day to an excited Khanyisile and she didn’t waste time in saying “yes” and now she’s walking down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams.


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